The Benefits Of Working With An E-Rate Consultant

The Education Rate, or E-Rate, program was established to aid schools and libraries in obtaining affordable telecommunication and internet services by offering discounts on these services. In order to be eligible to receive E-Rate discounts, schools and libraries must meet certain eligibility criteria. It is an amazing program that has helped countless schools and libraries, but the process can be complicated to navigate.

Any school or library that has applied for E-Rate knows that the process can be tedious and confusing. Additionally, a new application must be submitted each year, and the funding is not guaranteed. In the end it can wind up being a difficult and unsuccessful process for many organizations. Fortunately, E-Rate Advantage was created to help.

E-Rate Advantage is a full-service E-Rate consulting company that helps its clients – public school districts, individual public schools, private schools, charter schools and libraries – through the entire submission process, from pre-planning to securing E-Rate funds. E-Rate Consultants provide an array of services, including:


  • Application Planning
    • Review of prior years’ applications
    • Review of the school’s CIPA compliance and internet safety policies and training


  • Application Filing and Program Compliance
    • Assist the schools in determining their program needs
    • Review discount numbers to insure compliance with program rules
    • File the schools’ 470 and 471 applications
    • Serve as the single point of contact with USAC for all program reviews – PIA Reviews, Selective Reviews, Program Compliance Reviews, and Audits
    • Interact with SLD on all application approval issues


  • Post Approval Processes
    • File 486 to certify service start date
    • Assist school with discount and reimbursement process
    • Serve as the point of contact for audits and post approval reviews
    • In short, providing the comprehensive services necessary to secure E-Rate funds


The E-Rate help that consultants provide have led to an application approval rate of over 98%, and they’ve secured over $30 million in E-Rate funding for their clients each year. E-Rate Advantage is so sure that their E-Rate consultants will help you secure funding that they charge no fee until your funds are approved.

If you want to give your school the best opportunity at securing E-Rate funding, or if the process has become too tedious and time consuming, contact the team at E-Rate Advantage today to learn more about how they can help you throughout the application submission process and help you get the E-Rate funds you need.